“Nathan is a rising star on the international ice dance scene. His unique choreographic style, deep knowledge of the sport, and broad musical background converge to create a fresh look in ice dance. He is flexible and can tailor his coaching to the strengths of the students. Watch this space; Nathan is the future of US Ice Dancing.”

Cynthia M. Bulik, Ph.D., FAED

Founding Director UNC Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders
Gold Medalist Adult Ice Dance

"A lot of my progress in ice dance can be attributed to the work of IDANC. As my main coach for multiple years, Nathan Truesdell did a great job in not only choreographing most of my programs, but also greatly improving my skating skills. Besides being an insightful coach, Nathan has also introduced me to the staff of IDANC, who have helped both my partner and I achieve new heights both on ice and off the ice."

Jonathan Zhao, Athlete

2-Time US National Ice Dance Champion
US National Development Team

"Nathan is a well respected coach who pays attention to the little details and cares deeply about his students' success. He draws on his extensive experience in ice dance and deep understanding of different genres of music to create beautiful and unique programs. He can pinpoint students’ weaknesses and, through training, make them their strength. Other coaches complimented me for my edge quality after just a few lessons with Nathan. He is a very dedicated coach who goes above and beyond to help his students succeed."

Lorissa Zhou, Athlete
US National Solo Dance Series Competitor