IDANC Seminar

Dances of Survival: An Exploration
of Black-Rooted Dances and Rhythms

How have Black-rooted dances evolved into what we enjoy today? In this seminar, we take a deep dive into their complex histories, uncovering the pain and beauty through which they emerged.

In figure skating’s highly competitive industry, skaters can become so laser-focused on the “what” and results, that they might forget or sometimes never even learn about the “who, where, when, and why” behind the dances and rhythms we frequently use. These dances are rooted in cultures and histories that extend centuries and continents through many generations. It’s imperative that we intimately understand their original purpose and context as we ask ourselves “how much do we know about where this rhythm comes from?” Integrating education into our training furthers our development as informed people; this leads to a deeper understanding of the choreography and results in better, authentic performances and representations of those cultures. You’ll learn defining characteristics, how to properly identify common rhythms, origins, and hear a few examples of these elements through time.

Seminar Schedule: